What Is Bitconnect? And How Do I Earn Bitcoins With It?

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Today I want to introduce you to an interesting new investment program called Bitconnect Lending.This is part of the BitConnect community platform, and I’ll explain the difference in a bit.

If you want to invest in cryptocurrencies, but also want to avoid the high volatility that comes with it, Bitconnect might be the right thing for you! Why?

  1. Bitconnect Lending offers a steady daily payout of around 1%, meaning you can make use of the compound interest effect by reinvesting your payouts daily!
  2. Bitconnect Lending also comes with a multi leveled referral system, in case you want to spread the word and profit even more.

So keep reading, if this is appealing to you! Or just dive directly into it using my referral link: https://bitconnect.co/?ref=danatw0722

What is a Cryptocurrency? It is a digital currency created by using cryptography (hence the very descriptive name) and mainly used for exchange. If you want to know more about cryptocurrencies, please check my blog post.

Business Model

Before I tell you in more detail about the business model, let me clarify a few things regarding the wording first:

  • Bitconnect is the name of the community platform, which has the goal to connect people with investment opportunities and cryptocurrencies.
  • Bitconnect Coin is the cryptocurrency itself, which can be exchanged on their official website or other cryptocurrency exchange platforms.
  • Bitconnect Lending is the term for the lending functionality of the platform, which allows to set aside a specific amount of bitconnect coins and receive a daily profit.

I will focus here on the lending functionality and introduce you to the basic concept behind it. Basically, Bitconnect developed a trading bot that you lend money to. It then uses your invested money to trade. The bot’s trading efficiency is dependent on the volatility of the market – meaning the more the exchange rate of Bitcoin is going up and down, the more profitable it will be. You, the investor, receive a daily profit based on the trading bots results. While writing this it is at 1.07%average (30 days).

So if you are interested in investing in cryptocurrency without actually participating in trading them, this might be for you. Use the following affiliate link:

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For more information about Bitconnect in general, feel free to watch their promotion video:

How to invest?

Basically, you have 2 different investment options on the Bitconnect website.

  1. You exchange Bitcoins to Bitconnect Coins and wait for the value of Bitconnect Coins to rise. Then, sell them for a profit.
  2. You use the mentioned lending functionality with the exchanged Bitconnect Coins.

As mentioned earlier I will focus here on the second investment option.

Learn how to actually invest in BitConnect in my step-by-step tutorial here.

So after you exchanged some Bitcoins to Bitconnect Coins you have the following options:

Screenshot – Bitconnect Lending

As you can see on the screenshot it basically offers you 4 different investment options. The 2nd to 4th level offer daily bonus interest. In short: The more you are willing to invest, the shorter the capital is bound and the more bonus interest you will receive per day.


You invest 2,000$ and therefore profit from the benefits of the 2nd level, according to the screenshot above.
This results in 0.10% bonus interest and your investment is locked for 239 days.

Here you can check the average interest rate. While writing this post, the average was at 1.07% (last 30 days).

If we calculate with the 1% average value interest rate plus the 0.10% bonus interest, this results in altogether 1.1% interest rate per day.
This is the equivalent of 22$ profit per day based on the 2,000$ investment.

After the pre-defined 239 days you will receive the 2,000$ back. Just to make this clear, the 2,000$ are locked for the whole duration!
In the end you would have earned 5,258$! (22$ per day multiplied with 239 days). This is a return of investment of 263%! 

Example 2:

Let’s stick to the previous example, but instead of paying your money out, you use the reinvest function. So each day you add the interest on top of your original investment.

So let’s see how that could look like in my Google spreadsheet here.

  • Day 1: 2,000$ -> 22$
  • Day 2: 2,022$ -> 22.22$
  • Day 239: 26,660.00 $

As you can see, 26,660.00$ would be possible by exploiting the compound interest effect! That is massive! But be aware that this amount as well as all previous reinvestments are locked for the duration mentioned above. But if you exploit this effect properly, you can earn some very serious money!

Find a handy explanation + calculator for compound interest here. (In their example they use annual rate, but we have a daily rate. So adjust years to the amount of days, e.g. 239, to get an accurate result.)

If you want to learn how to reinvest and exploit the compound interest effect, check my weekly update with step-by-step guide here.

Deposits & Payouts

The only way to invest is by depositing Bitcoins which need to be exchanged to Bitconnect Coins. If you want to learn how to do that, please check my step-by-step tutorial I wrote.


The minimum amount to invest is 100$.

Payouts are available in your lending wallet. From there you can decide if you want to send them to your wallet or re-invest it to benefit from the compound interest effect.

Affiliate system

This one is the biggest and most deeply leveled referral system I have seen in a while. You can really see that the founders and developers of Bitconnect are interested in having many people in the system to increase the demand.

Look at this:

Bitconnect lending referral system bonus

A 10 level system is huge! Let me roughly try to sketch a picture here for you guys:

  • Level 1: Your referral invests 1,000$ -> You receive 70$ bonus.
  • Level 2: That person refers and from that referral the investment is 2,000$ -> You receive 60$ bonus
  • Level 3: A referral one level deeper: 5,000$ -> You receive: 50$
  • Level 4: Referral investment of 2,000$ -> You receive 20$
  • … until level 10!

I think you get the picture that this is a huge possibility for everyone involved.

My initial investment

Started: 2017 – 12  – 10

Investment: 1190$

This will be updated regularly in my weekly blog posts – follow me and make sure to check regularly!

If you are now interested to invest in this program, please do not forget the most important rule of ’em all:


In case you want to invest, feel free to use the following affiliate link to

bitconnect lending banner

I am also planning a Facebook group, with the following goals:

  • Mentoring and guidance
  • More insights into online investments
  • Discussion about online investments
  • Creating strategies together and discuss them thoroughly
  • Interacting with each other: Asking questions + receiving answers asap.
  • More profitable investments!

On top of that, I will provide you with a Google sheet that allows you to edit the preferred investment amount and interest rate in order to calculate your investment returns by yourself.

So if you are interested in that, just use my referral link for now and I will invite you as soon as the group is live!

Referral link: https://bitconnect.co/?ref=danatw0722


In case you are not interested in BitConnect, feel free to take a look at my Portfolio for other investment ideas.

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