Getting Started With Cryptocurrency


Welcome to the start of your new and exciting journey, investing in, and making money from, the financial revolution that is Cryptocurrency. So you want to get involved? Good! there’s never been a better time and no, you haven’t missed the boat and no, you’re not too late!

Cryptocurrency in a Nutshell
Crypto is fundamentally changing the way we exchange things of “value” or how we trade and pay for all sorts of things from online games all the way up to property and real estate. The concept of “money” and “banks” have changed overnight as a direct result of this explosion of new tradable electronic currencies coming online. Actually, it’s not as daunting as you might think to understand, in fact, its a beautifully simple concept and that’s why it will undoubtedly become the money machine of the future.

The problems with the current system …
So Cryptocurrency alleviates the problems and restrictions with our current traditional currencies and financial models by way of the following things:

  • Decentralising the currency itself. No boundaries and no controlling commercial or municipal entities
  • Available worldwide and to anybody
  • Driven by Blockchain Technology (GEEK ALERT!!! – This is technical)
  • Powered by a global network of computers verifying each and every single transaction
  • One single global publicly available ledger
  • Open Source software platform
  • Fixed and publicly know maximum circulation

Which all mean that we get the following benefits:

  • Anybody can hold any amount of cryptocurrency without paying any fees
  • Cryptocurrency transactions and wallets are entirely anonymous, therefore nobody knows how much or little you have
  • Fraud is impossible as the currency exists only digitally
  • No more Credit Card copying/cloning
  • Near instant and free transactions globally because of universal, worldwide adoption
  • You don’t need a bank or financial institution to hold your money – cut out all the middlemen!
  • All these things mean a cryptocurrency is a common and non-biased financial platform, available to everyone and does not need a Bank or institution behind it to run it, it’s self-governing and self-regulating, secure and openly available for everyone to use worldwide.

Getting Started
Actually, it’s really easy. Think about your own current financial situation then take your Bank completely out of the equation. What would you be left with???.. Just your wallet right! In fact, that’s all you need to get started in Crypto, a wallet, just a wallet.

What is a Wallet?

It’s an electronic version of your real wallet or purse, its a place where you store your Crypto money. Unlike your real wallet, your Crypto wallet has a unique address associated with it so that you can receive funds into it. When you send funds from your wallet to someone or pay for things, you just need to know the wallet address of the recipient. It’s as simple as that. Here’s a real example, here’s my actual wallet address:


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