Step 4: Exploiting The Compound Interest Effect

Welcome to the weekly update on my BitConnect investment in which I show you how to reinvest and exploit the compound interest effect! The best part of BitConnect is the steady daily payout of 1%. You want to make best use of it, so keep reading, if you want to learn more.

In case you are new to BitConnect, make sure you have read my introduction on how to earn Bitcoins with BitConnect as well as my step-by-step tutorial, explaining and showing how to actually invest in BitConnect.

Status / My investment

Investment started: 12-04-2017

Total investment: 1550 $

Total earned: 374 $

In case you have not invested in BitConnect yet, feel free to use the following affiliate link to support me. I am going to keep you up to date and help you along the way with this and other investments – just contact me, if you have any further questions!


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One of the major benefits of BitConnect is the daily payout combined with the opportunity to reinvest because this enables you to exploit the compound interest effect.

Use this handy calculator to check your possible earnings. (Do not forget that it offers a annual rate, but we receive it daily with BitConnect, therefore you need to adjust the “Years” to the number of days, to get an accurate result.)

Check my Google sheet for a more detailed look at how the investment could look like on a day-to-day basis here.

As explained in the introduction of my BitConnect investment on how to earn Bitcoins with BitConnect, the compound interest effect is what makes this investment so incredible. Therefore I am going to reinvest the amount I have received in my lending wallet – see the red marked lending wallet area in the screenshot:


To do so, I navigate to the Dashboard (on the left side of the page) and click on Reinvest.


In the following popup I click on both All >> buttons to make sure, the maximum amount of me lending wallet will be reinvested:


Unfortunately, BitConnect only allows you reinvests in steps of 10 $ (10 $, 20 $, 30 $, etc.), therefore although I have 14.55 $ in my lending wallet, I can only reinvest 10 $ of it. To proceed I have to click on Reinvest.


Last but not least, I confirm the reinvest of 10$ by clicking on Confirm:


Update / Edit: As you can see on the screenshot, each reinvestment is a separate investment and the capital will be locked for a specific amount of time. In this case, the 10$ will be locked for 299 days.

That’s it!

Next steps

So, for now, I am going to reinvest 100% of my earnings until I reach a point where my daily payout is around 50$. After that, I will only reinvest 50% each day until I withdrew my initial investment and reach breakeven.

In case you have not invested in BitConnect yet, feel free to use the following affiliate banner to support me and Invest with Me!

I am also planning a Facebook group, with the following goals:

  • Mentoring and guidance
  • More insights into online investments
  • Discussion about online investments
  • Creating strategies together and discuss them thoroughly
  • Interacting with each other: Asking questions + receiving answers asap.
  • More profitable investments!

On top of that, I will provide you with a Google sheet that allows you to edit the preferred investment amount and interest rate in order to calculate your investment returns by yourself.

So if you are interested in that, just use my referral link for now and I will invite you as soon as the group is live!

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